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This is a public, ElfHosted instance of jackettio for the Stremio community - Enjoy! (reasonable rate-limits apply)

ElfHosted is an open-source PaaS built and run by geeks, which self-hosts your favorite streaming apps for you, automatically and easily.

Individual, hosted Jackettio instances are available (say, if you need to add your private trackers).

Why use ElfHosted Stremio addons?

No indexers available, Jackett instance does not seem to be configured correctly.
Max execution time in seconds before timeout.
Get It here With the Passkey you can stream both cached and uncached torrents, while without the Passkey you can only stream cached torrents.
Filters & Sorts
Example: cam,xvid
A high number can significantly slow down the request
This could increase the chance of cached torrents. 2 is a good number